Our services focus on providing energy solutions through the use of photovoltaic solar systems. We conduct load studies and energy audits on residential, commercial and industrial facilities. We set up training workshops and equipment on photovoltaic solar energy and solar pumping. We provide technical support in rural, residential, institutional, commercial and industrial fields. We design and execute solar projects connected to and connected to the grid.

In the equipment installed in compliance and application of the national electrical codes and International Standards.

We carry out quality work based on knowledge, experience and resources gained during more than 15 years of service.

Through the application of management practices, we have the capacity to produce a work or installation that is properly built and that meets the user’s experiences in terms of time and budget.

We guarantee quality in the works and the installed equipment.

We provide personalized attention in order to present solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

Load Studies

The study of the estimated load is a very useful information tool for the design of electrical generation systems through alternative energies and electrical backup systems.

Thanks to the installed load study, it is possible to determine if the electrical distribution system of an installation can admit new loads, verify the capacity of the electrical system and the wiring.

It allows to correctly distribute the load between the three phases, in addition to monitoring the power factor and calculating the energy consumption before and after the improvements to justify the measures adopted in energy saving.

Energy audits

An energy audit is an inspection, study and analysis of the energy flows in a building, process or system with the aim of understanding the dynamics of the analyzed system.

Among many variables, it is carried out to seek opportunities in reducing energy consumption while maintaining and improving hygrothermal comfort, health and safety.

In summary, energy audits aim to identify energy use while detecting opportunities for efficient savings

LSolar Energy Training Courses

Aimed at the general public with basic or advanced knowledge in the field of electricity who wish to develop theoretical and practical tools on the generation of electricity through solar radiation.

We provide training to technical personnel who are involved with the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment that make up the photovoltaic electricity generation systems.

We offer theoretical and practical training workshops to organized communities that want to implement photovoltaic electricity generation systems in their homes and production processes, taking as a premise sustainability with rational and conscious use.