Courses & Workshops

Training in Solar Photovoltaic Energy


  1. Manufacture Of Solar furnaces y cookers.
  2. Solar Lighting Systems.
  3. Solar Installations.
  4. Solar Pumping


  1. Renewable energy
  2. Solar energy.
  3. Entrepreneurship.


  1. Renewable Energy Sources.
  2. Solar pumping: Solar and hydraulic base.
  3. Theoretical Photovoltaic Solar Energy.
  4. Practical Photovoltaic Solar Energy.
  5. Basic Solar Design and Installation.
  6. Design and Installation of Intermediate Solar System I.
  7. Design and Installation of Intermediate Solar System II.
  8. Battery Based Solar Systems.

Diploma in Renewable Source of Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Module I: Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Solar Energy.
Module II: Photovoltaic System I.
Module III: Photovoltaic System II.
Module IV: SFV Installations, Commissioning and Maintenance. Module V. Practice.